Saturday, February 7, 2009

Florida Ren Fest - Opening Day

It would appear that I'm not the only one enjoying the local sights this year. The Florida Renaissance Festival had a pretty respectable crowd for opening day. I've been going for about 10 years and It seems to me that not only were there plenty of visitors, there were also plenty of vendors and shows. Now that I'm home and looking at the schedule, I see I missed a few of them. I did manage to catch my favorites and there's still plenty of time to go back and see the rest in the next 4 weekends. I made sure I was right up close to the action to take these pictures. Maybe a little too close. That's the whole point of going to an event like this. The action is right there in from of you. Even closer still, if like me, you are dragged from the audience to assist a performer. Even if you don't find live stage shows entertaining, go for the people watching. Don't worry about the dress code. Your best armor, period piece, pirate, gothic, or even naughty school girl outfit will do just fine. Those not attired in the spirit of the event are likely to be taking pictures of those that are.

I can tell you I had a great time this year. $20.00 got me in. $10.00 for lunch. A couple of bucks here and there for the shows. Pretty cheap for an all day event. Check the link above for discounts and family pricing. The best part - it's all made in America. Some things while you watch even. If you've never been, flip off the TV and go. You won't regret it. Enjoy yourself and save the economy at the same time. What could be better.


  1. hey daddio did you see the vampire guy there this year?????? i see the pic of the leaf armor ppl who happen to be there every year :( i'll make it in time for fantasy weekend :D i hope i get to go cause that will be AWESOME!!!! see you soon

  2. No Vamp guy but plenty of other crazies. I will probably go with some friends next weekend.

  3. I'm going again March 1 for Wenches weekend.