Friday, October 26, 2012

My New House is a Piece of Work

Have you been missing my posts? Yes - me too. I bought a fixer upper house (3/2 w/ garage 1,500 Sq ft) a month ago and it has consumed my every hour and dollar. I'm taking this weekend off. Not because I want to but because I would have to drive through Hurricane Sandy to get to it.  Ok - we are not getting a full blast but high winds, a high profile vehicle, and a highway do not make good partners. And yes, my new house is 75 miles up the road.  In two and a half years I retire and I should have the place done about a year after that the way I'm going so far.

Since I have not been out and about lately, I'm going to bore you with my progress so far.

Lets start of with the fact that I got an unbelievably fantastic price. Good thing as it needs a new roof, flooring, kitchen, appliances, AC, drywall repairs including and entire bedroom ceiling, some electrical, and plumbing. Did I miss something? I'm sure. I've already been to Home Depot 10 times for the little stuff.

My sister called it a POS but I like to think of it as a blank slate. Enormous potential with nothing to hold back my creativity but cash. Lack of cash actually.

I've been doing demolition since the day I closed. The house is in gated golf club community. The same one my parents live in coincidentally. The previous owners were not the favorite of the neighbors, the home owners association, and likely the police. I have been very well received so far. I'm sure the trash people have a slightly different view as I've already put out 15 loaded contractor bags for pickup. Right now I'm looking at ripping out the remains of the kitchen cabinets and a 13' X 17' bedroom ceiling. Well half. The other half fell due to the roof leak.

I'm sure to some of you.... most of you... Ok all of you - this seems like an overwhelming project. I thought so too the first two times I did this but this is not my first time to the rodeo. The greatest part is I get to lock the door and leave as the dust settles. The last two times I was sleeping in it.

I have made huge progress so far. All the carpet tack strips are up, plumbing done and the water turned back on, garage door replaced, deposit on the roof, drywall in the garage fixed, walls patched, paint cans everywhere. I can get half the house painted at least.

This will be a huge effort but when I'm done, if all goes well, I'll have my retirement dream house at half the cost of the surrounding properties. Check back in about six months and see if I'm still as enthusiastic.