Sunday, April 28, 2013

Key Lime Cafe - Stuart

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The house project has been coming along so well, I decided it was time to take a little break. What better way than to enjoy my soon to be home town. Mom and Dad have been a huge help so I thought I would take them to one of my favorite Downtown Stuart restaurants. 

Iphone5 040There are almost too many great eateries to choose from downtown and I am fairly certain I have tried them all. I found the Key Lime Cafe years ago when I was exploring for something a little different. It's safe to say I've eaten here more than any other establishment downtown. 
On my first visit years ago, I was not sure it was even a restaurant. It looked a lot more like someone's tropical, back yard patio. Outdoor, extremely bright, and sparsely appointed. In fact on one of my visits, they were installing the bar. I've been watching this restaurant grow and improve every step of the way. 

Iphone5 042But first - thanks to a posting on the Downtown Stuart Facebook page, I found out there was a craft fair. Downtown Stuart has plenty of free parking which was pretty much filled up this weekend. A little patience and we found a spot close to the action. We managed to tour the whole fair. Plenty of great crafts to see, a farmers market, and a band. I could have gone on for hours but my parents were wilting in the heat. 
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Mom and Dad - so cute

My first visit to the Key Lime Cafe several years ago was a total accident. I just wanted to take a picture of the river and walked right by the place. On the way back I noticed someone holding menus and decided to give it a try.

There were only a handful of fellow patrons but the staff was pleasant and friendly and the food even better.  

On this latest visit, for the first time ever, there was a wait. Our hostess, who was very obviously with child, made sure Mom had a comfortable seat in the shade while we waited, a glass of water, and a fan. I was very tempted to ask her to join us as she likely needed all those things as well.
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Mom and Dad - so hungry. 
The band (guy with a keyboard and mic) entertained us with a few songs and even more by joking with us. After about 10 minutes we were seated under an awning and a fan. 

One thing I've noticed, if you are looking for a place to rush in and out of, this may not be for you. Also the seating is outside so if that's a problem you may want to pass. 

If you are more interested in shutting off your phone, taking your time with friends or family, having a drink and some clever and tasty food, in a place you wish you could transport portions of to your own back yard, then this is for you. Now that most of the seating and bar are under awnings, or Chickee tops, the beating sun and quick showers are not much of a problem.

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Oh look - directions
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Please be seated

On the way out, our server flashed us a big smile and asked us to come back soon. I will and many more years to come I hope. 

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The Band