Thursday, February 5, 2009

Disney Never Gets Old

Ok - Walt Disney World is not in South Florida nor is it inexpensive but it's only a few hours up the road, and what good is saving money if you can't blow bucket loads of it doing something you enjoy. I've been to Disney over 150 times since 1976 and still enjoy going. There is always something new to see and do. If you think Disney is only the Magic Kingdom, long lines, and a bunch of screaming kids, you need to take a second look.

This week I visited Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM), EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom. You would think after so many visits I would have seen it all but not the case. Even if you think you have done it all, there's bound to be something you missed.

First stop - Hollywood Studios. With rides like Tower of Terror, and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, it never gets old. I actually went once and spent the whole day riding only those two rides. The lines were short, so I made about 30 turns. The beauty of a season pass and knowing someone who lives in Orlando. I even saved the price of an expensive Disney lunch as I would not have held it down any way.

Animal Kingdom opened up a whole new part of the world since last I was there. In the middle of Asia is the Expedition Everest ride. For the first time I wished the wait was longer. The artifacts along the way where incredible. The coaster itself is the best in Disney and pretty amazing for any park. Let's not forget the animals. They are close enough to the ride to touch. It seems that way at least.

Epcot was always my favorite park. Less kids, better rides, best fireworks show. The newest ride, Soarin is extremely popular and can have 2 hour wait times. I went first thing and waited about 10 minutes. From there I test drove a Segway. After that a nice leisurely tour of the countries. I've traveled to the real England, France, and Canada so those hold a special appeal. I was actually inspired by Epcot to go in the first place. Hopefully, by the time I visit again, I'll have been to a few more countries.

If you have any Disney's questions, shoot me a comment or email. I'll be glad to share a couple of tips to getting the most out of the experience.

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