Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bike Trails - Davie

I started exploring the Davie Bike Trails soon after moving to Davie five years ago. My typical ride is about 20 miles. While a lot of Davie's bike trails are sidewalks, I've managed to find a route that is mostly away from traffic and pedestrians. Some of the trails are well marked with mileage and direction. There are a few parks along the way for a rest and water break but it's best to bring plenty of water with you. I was bringing twice what I thought I needed and required a refill along the way. Even though many of the trails run behind housing developments, you get the sense you are on a private path all to yourself. You will see a lot of trees, canals, and nature and not much else. The trails that run along the road are far enough away from the traffic that you won't need to be endlessly vigilant for fear of getting run over. The trails are smooth for the most part and grass and trees well trimmed and out of the path. You will still need to watch for sand, pot holes, and areas where tree roots have lifted the pavement. Sometimes the occasional tree branch may be on the path or a group of horses may be crossing. No matter what part of the trail you are on, you are never far from a house or a main road should you run into trouble. This is one adventure that requires a lot of effort but you can't beat the price.