Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Biking on the Hollywood Broadwalk

Not only does Hollywood Beach have a "Broadwalk", it has a fairly broad bike path right along the beach. Like much of Hollywood, it's an anything goes activity. If it peddles on one wheel, two, three, or four, you will find it cruising up and down the beach. There are several places along the beach to rent a four wheel surrey, three wheeled low rider, or regular two wheeler. I've seen folding bikes, two seaters, big wheels, racing bikes, bikes with training wheels, baskets for small dog hood ornaments, parrots on the handle bars, and everything in between. I used to live close enough to ride my bike every weekend on the broadwalk but now I need to toss the bike in the car and haul it to the beach. Still one of my favorite Hollywood beach activities.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Organic Brewery - Hollywood Beach

I've been brewing my own beer for quite a while. I don't take it very seriously and the results show that sometimes.  I prefer a nice strong stout to a pilsner or ale and I generally have better luck with the darker beers. I know the difference between an ok beer and a not so ok beer but sometimes I just want a professionally crafted micro brew to dance across my taste buds. 

I've passed by the Organic Brewery on Hollywood Beach for a while now on my weekend walks. I generally hit the beach early but today, I brought my camera and got a much later start to catch some better winter light. 
 My home setup consists of a two gallon plastic container and a few plastic bottles. The mad science lab at the Organic Brewery has multiple stainless steel reactors, miles of pipe, and computer control. The price seemed a little high and I do have eight bottles of fresh brew in the fridge at home but the bartender convinced me to stay and have a stout. While I was there, I ordered lunch too. 
First came the ice cold stout in a frozen mug just the way it should be. Oh yes - This is what fine beer making is supposed to taste like. Next a plate of the best German sausages and authentic, fresh baked soft pretzel I've had in a very long time. A little side of dipping mustard just to make it perfect. My German grandfather would have been in heaven if he was not already there. My visit was at noon but I hear it's getting pretty popular in the evening. I'll be back again with friends next time to check it out.

The Organic Brewery is right on Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. You can see the ocean from the outdoor patio. Great place to take a break, sip a quality beer and, watch the waves.