Sunday, July 1, 2012

Florida Supercon - Miami

Katniss and Poison Ivy
Cat Woman
I am not all that comfortable with large crowds in small, confined, and enclosed spaces so what am I doing at the Florida Supercon Miami. Fighting my fears for my fans like a true super hero. I'm not a gamer or a comic book enthusiast but I've made a lot of new friends writing this blog and my two favorite, Katniss and Cat Woman, invited me to the show. Reason enough. I also have a brand new $500.00 camera lens and it only makes sense to blow that much cash on a toy if I take it out and play with it.

Trey - FacePalm Comic
After a thrilling and action pack drive to the Miami Airport Convention Center, I plunked down the twenty five dollar admission fee and seconds later was floundering in a sea of bodies. It only took a few minutes to realize this is likely the only place in the world where the crowd is more afraid of me than I am of it. I lifted my camera to check my settings and when I looked up there was a beautiful costumed character posing for me. Oh yeah - this is going to be fun.

Has anyone seen the comic books?
So what does this convention offer. Well the obvious thing is comic books. For some reason I had a tough time finding any. There were just too many distractions. I took a few minutes to talk to Levar Leo of FacePalm Comic.  It was right after he was done acting out a scene from his graphic novel "Trey". Based on the enthusiasm level I am looking forward to the movie.

There were so many booths it was impossible to visit them all. I'm not really that excited about cartoon sized weapons or fluffy little creatures but if your needs are more geared to the Hollywood style horror makeup or Steampunk like mime, this show would certainly have been for you. I was ogling the goggles at the Streampunkfunk Bizarre when something else caught my eye and totally derailed my steam engine of thought. Luckily I found the name of the company buried deep in my photo and can continue shopping online.

Aya Knight
After hours of walking up and down the isles I found a small, quiet booth with a lone woman sitting in a chair. She didn't seem to have a lot of product, just a few books so I asked her what she was selling. Books.... that she wrote. Ok - totally missed the giant posters behind Aya Knight. She's a South Florida author just like me.... except that she's a real author and I write this blog but she was so much fun to talk to I'm buying her books right after I post this.

So let's see. I met writers, illustrators, makeup artists, bands like SML8, gamers, costumed characters, comedians, Remy Conner magician and mentalist.  Oh right, the real reason I came - Cupcake Burlesque. Now does that sound like something the Supercon crowd would be into? Only about 500 of them and so enthusiastic they must have been chugging 5 hour energy shots all day. I know you are going to want to see more so check out my photos on Flickr. Feel free to tag them. I always like to know if anyone is looking.

Cupcake Burlesque