Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Everglades Holiday Park

I was not using the long lens when I shot this guy from an Airboat at Everglades Holiday Park. He was about eight feet long and about three feet from the boat. I was leaning over the side to get a good shot. That's when the captain advised that a gator this size can easily jump right over the side. He added that because stupid people feed them, they are not all that afraid of us any more. My camera probably didn't look all that tasty but my hand holding it may have looked like a raw chicken from his point of view. Enough said Right??

I enjoy seeing the way Florida was before we paved it over. So few people do. If you have never been on an airboat ride before - Try it and see the incredible wildlife that was once South Florida. It's a real eye opener for the kids too.

Getting there is easy. Go to Griffen Road in Davie, head West past all the houses, when you see water in front of you - Stop. It's just past US 27 and a world away from traffic and video games. Unplug your kids and enjoy something simple and natural for a while.

Check out the link for more info and discount coupons. When I go, I usually stop at the plant nurseries on the way back to fill up the day. There are quite a few. Bring a little nature back home with you to remember the day.


  1. You haven't really experienced the swamp until you slog through the water. We didn't make it this year as our old spot has gotten too overgrown for access. If Tom finds us a new spot by next year, we'll have to drag you along.

  2. When my son was smaller, we used to go hang out here on Sunday and just fish from one of the docks. Of course I always had well-stocked cooler with me :)