Tuesday, June 11, 2013

South Florida Pirates - World Ocean day at the Museum of Discovery and Science

It appears I have been concentrating a lot on pirates recently. There are two reasons for that. One, they keep turning up at events I want to photograph and two... well that one is a bit more personal.
South Florida Pirates
These photos are from World Ocean Day at the Museum of Discover and Science. I have taken notice of the South Florida Pirates for many years at the Florida Renaissance Festival. How can you not in their elaborate garb. 


I knew little about them except they were very gracious in front of my camera. I went to this event last year and while I was waiting for my friends to arrive, I spent some time getting to know them. I discovered they make appearances all throughout the year for a variety of events and charities.  I have been a follower of the South Florida Pirates ever since. So much so that I will be attending the Cocoa Beach Pirate Fest with the crew this very weekend. 
Mia the Mermaid

There has been a new addition to the cast of characters - Mia the Mermaid, who heads up the South Florida Pirate Sirens. The mermaids are available for events in the water or on the shore. 

One pirate in particular has caught my eye in more ways than just through the lens of my camera. 

Captain Katerina Ravenholme and I will be sailing to Cocoa Beach together. There I will make my debut in pirate garb. I'm hoping for fair weather ahead and many ports of call for us in the future. If not, then I will be fed to the sharks as I understand it. This is a tough crew to get into but a wonderful and generous group of people that I've been fortunate to know this year. 

Captain Katarina Ravenholme

So who are the South Florida Pirates really? I have been trying to figure it out for years. I think I'll just let Captain Arabella Drummond describe her crew in her own words:

The South Florida Pirates are a well established charity organization made up of some of the most wonderful people on the planet. They came together 7 years ago and little by little began doing Charity events for special needs children, make a wish, march of dimes, Vital Flight, Joe Di Maggio Children s hospital and several others.  Besides raising money to help cover final costs for a dear friend and for another to help pay bills while he fights TB.  This crew of dedicated folks work tirelessly to give back to the community and to children.  
The SFP started out with 6 members and began to grow and change adding many to the group, watching some leave and move into other crews but always welcoming new members and welcoming back those who choose to return.  Now the South Florida Pirates have added a new group to the fray.....The South Florida Pirate Sirens!!  Yes there be mermaids here!!  Not only are the SFP savvy in pirates but they have helped the Museum of Science and Discovery salute several movies,  Harry Potter, The Hobbit and of course Pirates of the Caribbean.  The Crew can change their spots from Pirates to Victorian Steam punk characters as well embracing the newest ideas for reenactment costuming this makes them versatile for all types of events.  Be sure to watch for them around the South Florida Area  and be sure to come out and meet them!!  A finer group of folks you will never find!!  HOIST THE COLORS FOR THE SOUTH FLORIDA PIRATES AND THE SOUTH FLORIDA PIRATE SIRENS!! 

Respectfully submitted this day
Capt Arabella Drummond