Sunday, March 21, 2010

Miami Metro Zoo

The last time I paid a visit to the Miami Metro Zoo was before hurricane Andrew. This trip was long overdue. I had gone several times, years ago, and always enjoyed it. I knew the aviary was rebuilt but I had no idea the zoo had doubled in size. It's now a full day visit if you want to see everything. Maybe a little more if you want to stop and take pictures. So where are mine? Well funny thing about that. My camera had an issue on the very day of my visit. I'm sure I'll go back again.

Admission is $15.95 but there are plenty of discounts online. We walked the whole day but for a few bucks, you can get the monorail pass. If you are bringing the kids and all the stuff that goes with kids, consider the Safari Cycles. $32.00 seems steep to rent a 4 wheeled bike but it could save the day when the kiddies (or adults) poop out at the far corners of the zoo. We saw plenty of people peddling along and by the looks of it, they all thought it was worth the price.

The Miami Metro Zoo has put a lot of effort into making it appear the animals are running free and that means giving them plenty of room. You can get within inches of a gorilla. To him it looks like you are the one behind the glass. From huge cats to tiny poison dart tree frogs, they cover it all. I would suggest going now while the weather is still cool but if you want to wait a while, there are misting stations along the path. Check the link above for special events and make some plans for a great day out with family and friends.