Saturday, February 13, 2010

Florida Renaissance Festival - Deerfield Beach

I have been neglecting my blog lately but not my favorite South Florida event. The 2010 Florida Renaissance Festival looks to be the best ever if opening day is any indication. Low temperatures and high winds did nothing to dim the enthusiasm of the performers or the crowd. I have been a regular visitor to this event for the last 10 years. If laughter is the best medicine, then this is the place to get a huge dose. So many acts this year I did not even catch them all. Click on the link above for the complete listing. My personal favorite was MooNie. Half mime, half acrobat, and half comedian. That's right! It's like a show and a half for just a dollar. I will be going back again this year to see the rest no doubt. Between shows, there are plenty of beautiful items for sale. "The ugly ones don't sell as well my lord" I was told. Makes good sense right? You can be certain a good many of them are not made in China. In fact many are made right there in front of you. I collect coins so this year I splurged and had a coin minted while I watched. Most of the vendors are a mini show themselves. Yes I even bought a bag of nuts from the guy who I remember seeing in a nightmare once. Just a tip - don't go to the Limeybirds show with your nuts in your hand. Trust me on this.
Every year I leave the Ren Fest with a sense that I've done something special. If it were not for these dedicated people who work rain or shine and sometimes risk their lives in gale force winds to entertain me, I would have been home watching old DVDs. Everyone I know has been at least once. Have you?
$20.00 gets you in. Have plenty of singles for the shows. Yes, these people make a living at this and work for tips. The food court is the best of any festival I've been to and $10.00 gets you fed. There is an amazing assortment of items for sale so bring a few extra bucks. Do your part to save the American economy and get yourself a big fat dose of comedy to remedy that stressful life.