Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Groupon Posted my Blog !!!!!!

This has been quite a month for the South Florida Guy. First being recognized by several South Florida bloggers. Now Groupon!! Of course it would be one of the postings I made while not actually in South Florida. I may need to change the name to "All Florida Guy but Mostly in South Florida where I Live". This is an outrageous honor for a beginner blogger like myself.

I always like to check my stats. You know, to see if Mom read my latest posting, and boom - almost 200 hits in the last two days. What's up I say. Still getting buzz from the South Florida Daily Blog but now there is a new heavy hitter. Groupon! I'm not even a subscriber.... as of  8:00 AM this morning.

The posting getting the hits would be the trip I took in March with my daughter to Adventures Unlimited. On the day of my visit, my daughter and I had the good fortune of pairing up with the most awesome zip line partners and staff. Near the end I found out the one of our fellow zippers worked for Splash Magazine in Pensacola. I didn't think much of it till my daughter called months later and let me know my picture was all over her college campus. Seems like they had a good time as well and were nice enough to publish my photo crossing a swaying sky bridge with a great look of determination (fear) on my face. If you think it looks easy from the ground... try being 6' 4" and standing in the tree tops on an itty bitty wooden platform. Nope - not so easy. Certainly unforgettable. The Groupon Coupon has 5 days left. If you are kinda thinking about it but not sure, Do It!!! I'm already planning to head back.


  1. Again how cool! I want to be featured on groupon. Think the rando Finnish one would take me?! Looking forward to Friday, evil laugh and all!

  2. I was So excited I decided to sign up as a Groupon partner. I got to the section describing how many Unique Views I get a month. The bottom choice is <99K. I got the 99 part but still working on the K (as in thousand). I got 3 times my normal monthly traffic so far this month and its only the 12th but that might be a fluke. Yes. I will keep on dreaming.

  3. Congratulations! But ... I hope you remember the little people now you're so famous!!!

  4. It's the little people who have put me on the map. Both of you.