Friday, October 14, 2011

Sign Me Up!!

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens
10,000 Free Round-Trip Tickets to Japan. That's the headline. Click the link for the details. I did about 17 times already. The catch is you need to blog about the trip or post about it on social media.

No Problem!!! I'm blogging about it right now!! I know, if you follow my blog you are saying to yourself "What is he thinking? He just writes about cheap fun in South Florida". True. That's how I manage to save money and travel the world. In the last several years, and in no particular order.... London, Paris, Norway, Iceland, Shetland, Faroe Islands,  Ireland, Scotland, Costa Rica, San Francisco, Yosemite, Alaska, Dallas, Asheville, Vancouver, and thousands of driving miles with visits to little towns all along the way. I like nature because I live surrounded by metropolitan areas but I have no fear of exploring the urban jungles of the world. 

My Blog has a regular, world wide following - Red Nomad Oz from Australia and TexaGermiNadian currently residing in Finland, as well as my friends and family and 10's of random hits from around the US and the world each day. But hey - that could shoot up with proper marketing. Say like winning Free Round-trip Tickets to Japan!!! Unlike many bloggers, I seek out the best things in life, the simple pleasures, the most fun for the buck, and love to blaze the trail for those that want to follow. 

In addition to this blog, I have a Facebook account and  a Flickr account. My go to travel camera is the Nikon D70. The camera is great but the photographer still has a bit to learn. The percentage of post-able photos goes up each trip so that's a plus. 

Let's talk about my next big travel adventure. I was planning to head to Italy on a 14 day tour this year but I have a daughter in college and in need of a car. That took financial precedence. Japan has certainly been on my bucket list. My parents went several years ago and came back with glowing reports. I can manage a trip/tour but add to that a flight half way around the world and Japan is just a little out of my reach. All things being made equal with once in a lifetime Free Round-trip Tickets - Japan suddenly goes right to the top of the travel list. 

I am a big fan of sushi and have been for decades. I can eat an entire meal with chop sticks from salad to the last grain of rice. I tend to go for the baby octopus, sea urchin, eel, and anything I've never tried before. Eating will not be a problem for me in Japan. Sake might be. I'll stick with the Kirin Ichiban and  Sapporo. My favorite meal at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens is always the Bento Box lunch . The best sushi I've ever eaten was in Vancouver. Closer to the source I suppose. 

I think that covers my qualifications for a free ticket. So where do I sign up? Who do I need to call? Which of my fans can help me out here? Most important - Who wants to go with me?


  1. How nice would that be?! The hubs has been to Japan, went about 15 years ago, and is still talking about it to this day. If anyone deserves to win, its you. And I am solely saying that 'cause you gave me a shout out today on the blog, haha. Have a great weekend!

  2. Yeah, I'm with TGN - go for it!! And I can help!! My Japanese vocabulary includes the handy phrase 'I am not a lawyer'! Add the word 'midori', to change it to 'I am not a green lawyer'. Aren't you glad I dropped by??!!

    Looked at the website before my internet crashed the other day - but couldn't see how to enter??

  3. @Tex - I'm so glad I have a fan to cheer me on and for so little cost.
    @Red - They have not exactly began the give away as of yet, and may not, but after they see my posting and my two international friends, I'm sure I'll make the cut of the first million applicants.

  4. Calgon, take me away! They have food at Morikami? Can you believe Miss Miami here has never been there?

  5. @ Maria - If you like a peaceful walk in a Japanese garden, then this is the place. If you like a bit more excitement, check out the Bon festival. I will be going again next year. I missed the lantern floating due to a thunderstorm this year.

  6. I was thinking of the Ichimura Gardens on Watson Island here in Miami. But still, I haven't been to Morikami either. And yes, I do love a peaceful walk in *any* garden. I must check it out.

  7. Well, don't forget the little people who helped you become a famous Japanese blogger, or should I say, blogger in Japan!!!