Thursday, May 19, 2011

Adventures Unlimited Outdoor Center - Milton

Ok - I know. Milton is no where near South Florida. It's actually about as far North and West as you can get in Florida. So why did I include it in my blog? Because I had one of my personal greatest adventures with Florida Zip Line Adventures at  Adventures Unlimited Outdoor Center. I spent three days Zip Lining, Kayaking, and just chilling with my daughter in a very unique cabin right on the river. Oh and the fact that I am featured in Splash Magazine surely didn't hurt. All right, just a photo but still very cool so let me stretch this into my own little 15 minutes of fame.

I was in need of a unique spring break activity with my daughter and I needed to do it in the Pensacola area. From the web site, Adventures Unlimited seemed to fit the bill. After looking over the place, I decided on a very cool cabin on stilts and booked the Zip Line Ultimate Adventure. I've done Zip lining in Costa Rica so I was not expecting to be wowed by Florida. The 14 zip lines and two sky bridges didn't seem too intimidating. Trees here are just not that tall.

The test Zip was a breeze. No problem. After a short hike in the woods, it was time for the real thing. A 60 foot climb up a telephone pole that moved in the wind. My vertigo kicked in at about 30 feet and kept kicking me all day. The course consisted of zipping from one precarious perch to the next then climbing up a pole to an even higher perch to zip again. One tower was well above the tree tops. Beautiful view but one heck of a leap of faith to jump off of. The two sky bridges look like nothing from the ground but walking across them is an instant adrenaline rush. The final tower on the Ultimate course was worth the price of admission alone. The 900 foot ride over the river was more than enough to satisfy this coaster fan.

To balance out the trip, we took a kayak trip down the most incredible river I have ever been on. The crystal clear, winding, lazy, Coldwater Creek is a sight not to be missed. My daughter and I grabbed a box lunch to go with our trip and parked on one of the many sandbars to enjoy a quiet meal by the river. I assume by the number of canoes, kayaks, and tubes at the boathouse, the river might get a bit crowded in the summer time but we were there in March for the private tour. I was already planning my second trip to Adventures Unlimited even before I found myself in the news.


  1. AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! I SO admire anyone who can overcome vertigo ... that looks WAY too scary for me! Well done, and congrats on your 'fame'!!

  2. Boy did I get some hits over the weekend. I think people like the adventure stuff. I was even featured by Blogroll this week. I am so motivated.

  3. So jealous! This has been on my to do list for years! Some day!

  4. I ran this course which was super safe and I was pretty intimidated by it. I ran a course in Costa Rica which by comparison was dangerous and didn't even consider I was flying on a deathtrap run by 15 year olds. I think it had a lot to do with the scenery. Florida treetops are not all that inspiring whereas the jungles of Costa Rica are breath taking.