Saturday, May 4, 2013

March of Dimes - March for Babies - NSU 05/04/2013

75th Anniversary
A March of Dimes walk-a-thon is not the typical subject matter for my blog. So how did I find my way to this event? It's a long story of one thing leading to another, one friend leading to a new one, and one event leading to the next. Once upon a time I walked and raised money for the March of Dimes several years in a row but that was literally decades ago. A small amount of time really considering this event started 75 years ago as a fight to cure polio. So what brought me back?

My friend Christine,  twelve year veteran of the March of Dimes event and long time member of the
South Florida Pirates, who I met quite by accident at a concert event a year ago, who recognized me from my photos of the
Florida Renaissance Festival. She invited me to shoot this event as a guest photographer. Not my first request as a blogger but the first one I have accepted. How could I not. Christine and I have gone from Facebook friends to real friends over the year and I live close enough to have ridden my bike to this event. I had to do it.

DSC_2498Upon my arrival I was presented with an official photographer badge and a long list of items to shoot. Christine knows me well enough to know I would be pretty much the only photographer to walk the entire route, climb to the top of the garage to do some areal shots (who knew there was an elevator), and instead of picking and choosing from the list I was given, shoot everything on it. Not to mention have the days shoot posted before dinner.

Click on any photo on this page and you will find all my photos of the day. I did my very best to include everyone who attended.... but there was just so many.

There were several who stood out. I met children who came into this world at only a few pounds, adults who were polio survivors, and a college student and fellow photographer who walked the entire route even with severe difficulties of mobility. I was walking pretty quickly  to line up my shots and she caught up to me all along the way until she crossed the finish line, huge smile and hands in the air. I was so proud to have met someone with that kind of determination. The kind of spirit that will go a long way chasing the dream of being a professional photographer.

The Finish Line

Nova Southeastern University was the perfect place to hold this event. Parking was easy, the grounds are beautiful, and the green space easily held the enormous crowd. The weather could not have been better. It was great to see so many groups participating. Wave after wave of colorful, matching T-shirts. Decades ago when I last attended this event, I never dreamed I would be speaking to a little girl born 28 weeks premature. Well today I did just that and I can tell you it was an emotional moment. So many have contributed to this worthy event over the years and that support has paid off in lives saved. I fully expect to return for the 100th anniversary of this event to marvel at the miracles yet to be accomplished. 
South Florida Pirates


  1. Nice to read about the March of Dimes. Some fantastic pictures of the event.

  2. I believe you SFG, I can definitely see you there when the 100th walk takes place, good on you..fantastic series of images.

  3. This is so inspiring. And not only because I now 'know' a real live official guest photographer!! Congratulations on scoring the gig and doing it proud - look forward to seeing the 100th event through your lens!! Or lenses??