Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures - Fort Lauderdale.

DSC_2750A friend of mine told me about the Bluefoot Pirate Adventures over a year ago. I even mentioned them in an earlier post but this past weekend was the first time I had visited. The plan was to take a few photos and move on. Instead, I struck up a conversation with Captain Kyle, owner of the ship, just before he began checking in passengers for the first trip of the day.

DSC_2852The Bluefoot Pirates Adventure is primarily a children's adventure complete with water cannons. They will cast off with a group of full grown pirates for special events when called upon. I watched while the children got the full makeup, scarf, eye patch, sash and sword and were ready to board. I was heading out when the captain mentioned there was a last minute cancellation and I could book my accommodations for a very reasonable fee. We reached an accord as pirates say. Besides, what kind of blogger would I be if I passed  up an opportunity to bring you the full story.

DSC_2760As soon as we weighed anchor, I realized this was going to be no pleasure cruise for the little ones. While the adults sat back in the shade, the kids were put to work. First to hoist the colors, next to check the cannons, and always to draw swords and yell ARRGG! to passing ships at sea. At first timidly but after the mate announced they were to use their outside voices, loud enough to scare off the pelicans.

Mid way though the voyage, there was a treasure map discovered on board but all that shouting got us the attention of Barnacle Bill. Everyone back to the cannons!! Suddenly there was water flying everywhere. A few of the parents even jumped in to help out the little ones - so they said.


DSC_2967There is no doubt every child on the boat was going home with great pirate tales to share. Probably for weeks. Even a little treasure.  The adults, I'm sure, were more interested in the yachts, cruise ships, and mansions we passed by. I know that's what I'll be dreaming about for while.


In the end I had a really great time. Now I just need to see who I know with small children so I can conveniently forget my camera and do the cruise again. You know - to 'help out" with the water cannon.



  1. HAhaha, why not save yourself for International 'Talk like a Pirate' Day? Then you won't need to make excuses for pirate-speak either!!

  2. Hi! Thank you SO much for this recommendation! It gave me a great suggestion for my godkids and grand-godkids who are visiting next week. Their kids are 3 and 7. I had never heard of this before. Hope all is going well for you. I love retirement but miss you guys. Ev

  3. Hey Evelyn. Glad you are checking in. I had a blast and I didn't even bring my own kids to share the experience. Be sure and tell them the South Florida Guy sent you.