Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jousting Returns to Camelot Days - Hollywood

Stormy Knights Jousting
I have been a huge Renaissance festival fan since first taking my daughter to the local fair well over a decade ago. Her favorite act that day - The jousting. My favorite part of that day - The look of amazement on her little face as two horses came thundering at each other and lances crashed against opposing knights.

Jousting had taken a long hiatus from the Camelot Days fair in Hollywood and so had I in my quest to attend bigger shows in Florida and Georgia. Last year I was in a nostalgic mood and returned to the show that started it all for me. My bad luck to attend on a stormy afternoon turned out to be not so bad after all. I had a chance to take shelter and talk with Larry Rabin, a long time performer better known as the Hopeless Romantic. Until that day a year ago I was just a guy shooting pictures but suddenly I was interacting with the cast. Larry mentioned he was working on a new project. Little did I know he was planning to bring Jousting back to Hollywood with Stormy Knights Jousting.

Larry Rabin - back stage
Hard to believe this year has come full circle already. I have made dozens of friends since then. Writing this blog has been a key to introducing me to all sorts of events and entertainment I had no idea about a year ago. I've gotten to know several of the performers to the point they recognize me before I recognize them. Larry even invited me back stage during the second Joust so I could get better pictures. 

Attending the festivals is a great way to catch up with old friends like Kevin Siegelbaum. Kevin recently became an ordained minister and will perform your ceremony as "The Pirate Pastor". The festival is also a great way to make new friends such as Carolina VonFoxy. I've seen Carolina around the fair grounds for many years but never thought to walk up to her and say hi. Like all the performers at all the Ren Fests I've attended, she was very gracious and we had a wonderful conversation. I'm sure my daughter remembers her as she had me buy her a fox tail of her very own after seeing Carolina's collection.

Old Friend - Kevin Siegelbaum
New Friend - Carolina VonFoxy


Besides the jousting there is plenty of other fair favorites like dancing, music, comedy, and magic. Most of the performers know me by now so I don't get pulled up on stage any more although I was almost included in a dance number. Best I just stick to photography although dancing on stage would be the quickest way to launch my comedy career.

I'm sure you are wondering what the rest of this fair was all about so Click Here for the photos I took today. There is still one more day to enjoy Camelot Days then fairs in Deerfield and Miami if your are local or all across the country if you are not. 


  1. that's my dance troop! i wasn't there this weekend - did you go last year as well?

  2. @Christina - Did you see my photos from this years show? Last year I did not do as well as it rained the whole day but I did get a few shots of the dancers.

  3. I just checked them out! And oh do i remember that day. Dancing in the rain was not so fun. :-P

  4. It doesn't seem to be that long since the last RenFest up there ... or has the time passed really quickly??!!

  5. @Christina - Did I meet you at the Sultry Summer show? I didn't bring a camera to that one but is was great.

    @Red - I've been to Deerfield, Fort Myers, and Miami all in the same year. I'll need a new obsession for next year.