Monday, June 4, 2012

Robbins Park - Davie

My typical weekend bicycle ride takes me through Robbins Park in Davie. Normally I pop in the front entrance on Hiatus Road and pedal out the back directly behind Flamingo Gardens on Flamingo Road.

This weekend I thought I would explore a little. Robbins Park is small but probably one of the most under utilized parks I visit. Unless there is an event or major holiday, you can expect to find the parking lot completely empty. There are a few pavilions and some play equipment. Mostly an open field. I've never seen a wedding at the wedding gazebo but I have seen some photo shoots at Robbins Park. This little park is about the only nature in a sea of monster houses. When I was a kid, it was a real treat to head to a park for a picnic. I guess kids today would rather text and Facebook then throw a Frisbee or a football. Of course some of the back yards I pass on my ride would qualify as a mini water park but even there I never see anyone venture outside their air conditioned mansions.

One thing you will find at Robbins Park are horses. Nearly every weekend I share my travels with one or a dozen riders of the four legged rather than two wheeled variety. Much of the horse trails are well shaded and only occasionally cross the bike path like at the bridge on the west entrance. There are several places in the area offering rides and lessons. I'll stick with biking. I'm always surprised by the amount of people who own a bicycle compared with the ten or so I pass on any given weekend. I guess the rest just decorate their garages with them.


  1. Wonder if it's cheaper to run a bike than it is a horse?!?!

  2. @ Red - I've had both. It's cheaper to buy a bike every week then run a horse.

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  4. I take pics there all the time and have explored most of the park, except the equestrian trails (bc I'm on foot).

    Where is that green bridge?