Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pirates in Fort Lauderdale

I bought a new lens for my camera a few weeks ago but have not had the time to take it out until this past weekend. My first stop - to shoot pirates.

A couple of hundred years ago that phrase would have had a whole different meaning. These pirates happen to be from the
South Florida Pirates and the event was World Ocean Days at the Museum of  Discovery and Science. Who knows the ocean better than pirates right? The South Florida Pirates also know a lot about special events, causes, and kids. Check out their link above to see where you might find them. For many events they bring their artillery. Pistols, muskets, and very loud and impressive cannons. Nothing went bang while I was at the museum. Must have been a rule or something. Unlike a few centuries ago, these modern day pirates are pretty well behaved. Captain Hook even performed a magic show for the kids.

I was tipped off by a friend about another group of pirates permanently stationed near Fort Lauderdale beach. BlueFoot Pirate Adventures caters to the tiniest of pirates for a little fun and adventure on the water. You can find them at Bahia Mar when they are in port. When I was a kid, we made our pirate ships out of cardboard in the back yard. This real live boat can hold nearly 50 passengers. Now that's a birthday party. Check the link for details.

After leaving my pirate friends, I took a stroll down new river and found a new restaurant on the water. The Pirate Republic. I'm starting to sense a theme here. Back when I had a boat, I remember this place as Shirttail Charlie's. The name may have changed but the crowds of boats and patrons did not seem to take notice. I would have stopped in but I was on the wrong side of the river. I've never navigated a car there before but it's a pretty safe bet I will soon.


  1. Don't forget the East Coast Privateers! David Lintner taught me bit o' sword fighting down at Fort Taylor last year.

  2. I remember hearing about a National 'talk like a pirate' day once. Did you get to do that?!?!?

  3. @ Maria - I believe you did a very in depth interview with the East Coast Privateers a while back. Great read.

    @ Red - Somehow I don't think I would be very convincing. For those who want to give it a try - http://www.talklikeapirate.com/piratehome.html

  4. That’s nice. Thanks for sharing all these details here. Even I am thinking to host a pirates themed birthday bash for my husband. It will be a fun surprise party so I am thinking to book one of the best Los Angeles venues for that.