Thursday, December 8, 2011

Art Basel 2011 - Miami Beach

This year was the 10th anniversary of Art Basel Miami in Miami Beach. The world's premier international art show for modern and contemporary art was started 42 years ago in Basel, Switzerland. I was invited to Art Basel for the first time about 8 years ago by a very good friend and master of fine art photography. I enjoy a good arts and craft show so I figured - why not?

Comparing Art Basel to an "art show" would be like comparing a Florida sun shower to the sensory and emotional assault of a category 4 hurricane complete with a tornado and hail storm thrown in for good measure. Prepared or not, you will be introduced to, or immersed in the finest modern art from across the globe.

Since my first visit, I have attend 6 more, so I have a pretty good amount of experience to draw upon. The $40.00 price of admission hardly deters me. I am an extremist and I want to enjoy it all. I want every emotion activated but I don't care to linger too long on any one piece. I want to soak it all in and to do that, I have a well formulated plan.

Added myself to the art
I go on Sunday as the other three days are usually just too hectic. I always plan to be ready with ticket in hand for the noon opening and more often than not, stay till closing at 6:00 PM. I have gone with a different person each year so I make sure my event partner for this show has proven themselves durable both mentally and physically.  I start my day early with a double espresso and a couple of Tylenol. Oh yes - it's going to be that kind of a day. To beat the crowds and get parking, I typically arrive around 10:30 at the garage near the convention center and head straight to Lincoln Road for a fortifying breakfast.

Starting the day with a great, relaxing meal (Eggs and champagne) and the best people watching in South Florida is always a nice way to ease into the show. We arrived right on schedule and passed through the front doors just after noon. This was going to be a gigantic show and the only way to take it all in was to not spend too much time at each item. In shows past, I was hassled at the door because my phone had photo taking abilities. This year, everyone had a camera of every conceivable configuration and were snapping away like crazy. I only had my phone so sorry for the photos.

This year's show was tame by the standards of shows past. There were no works that completely offended me or caused me mental anguish depicting the depths of human suffering. There are always displays or installations that astound me with the power of human creativity or the intricacy of their construction. It seemed every material known to man could be found in the creation of this collection. Some pieces were obvious and amusing while others required considerable study to experience every thought they were intended to provoke. No matter what you might think of a piece, it is in this show for a reason and you could literally spend the rest of your life discovering what those reasons are. I think maybe next year I will pick a few pieces at random and trace their history from inception to their appearance in the show. I'm sure the answers will be even more interesting than the work itself in many cases.


  1. I never realised visiting an art show was an extreme sport! But I think I could cope with your training regime - coffee, food, champagne ...

  2. @Red - I am all about the preparation.