Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tims Ford Marina – Winchester, TN

“A great place to get away”. That's what the sign says at Tims Ford Marina. So where am I and how did I get here? Well that's sort of a funny story.

I've been looking the last few years for a little getaway property in the mountains. Something picturesque, near a lake maybe, but not too far off the beaten track. I found a house in Tennessee online I thought I might like to check out and looked for a place to stay in the area. Up popped a couple of hotels and the cabins at Tim Fords Marina. Beautiful cabin on a lake? I booked without a second thought. Those came a little later.

To reach my destination, I needed my GPS, all five of my gears, and a tight grip on the wheel. At home I just need first and fifth. The only time I turn is at a traffic light. This was not really mountain driving but the roads are pretty slim with no shoulders and drop offs that could easily put me on the roof if I checked my phone. I'm sure in the dark it would take me all of five minutes to hit a tree or deer. When my GPS pinged “You've arrived”, my first thought, I was never going to make it back. This was a bit more off the beaten track than I bargained for it seemed.

When I walked in the door of the office/restaurant/bait shop I was greeted like I was expected. Well I was actually. This is not really the season for cabin rentals I was told. I pretty much had the whole lake to myself. I also got some information about the area, a map to the best place for foliage shots, and a darn good cheeseburger. Oh, and the cabin – Beautiful, modern, and with best view on the lake.
The cabin I stayed in

After my initial shock of being lost in the wilderness of my comfort zone, I realized I was about 10-15 miles from several towns and attractions literally in every direction. Just an hour to Nashville or Chattanooga. I may have picked this destination on a total whim but it made the perfect base camp for exploring the area. The one thing I did not have time for this trip was to rent a pontoon boat and explore the lake. The first thing I will do when I return.

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  1. very nice change of pace! Hope you are enjoying your own private lake :)

  2. Well now! Who says all the best places are in OZ (apart from me, of course)?! This sounds - and looks - fantastic!! And all the better for the excitement of being lost in the wilderness beforehand! Can't wait to hear about your next visit.

  3. @Red - Oh you just wait for the next two vacation postings coming out this week. You will be buying your ticket to see the USA!!

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