Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Camelot Days - Hollywood

My favorite South Florida event is the Florida Ren Fest which is coming soon. I've gone enough that I actually know some of the performers. One of my all time favorites is Joel Newlon who performs as Wonderfool. When I heard he was coming to Camelot Days  in Hollywood, I had to weigh the options. Small show, $12.00 admission, rain showers, $1,000.00 camera, my favorite fire eater. I tried to get a few of my friends to come along but random rain showers kept them home playing their video games and watching TV. I like my entertainment a little more live, a bit more unpredictable, and a whole lot more dangerous. I had to go.

My first stop past the gate was the  Hopeless Romantic show. Normally a very audience interactive show but because it was wet and early, the crowd was thin. Our small group had a very different and personal experience. I've seen Guido Libido perform many times so after the performance I got into a conversation. I found out this was the tenth anniversary of Camelot Days among other things. That is one of the universal things about the performers at the various Ren Fests. They are always willing to talk to the fans, pose for pictures, and generally are very approachable.

Kilt Sales Person
Time to head to the Wonderfool show. A few steps in that direction and a beautiful woman offered to get me out of my pants.
It took me a few seconds to realize she was from the Got Kilt booth. I had a few minutes so I toured the show room.

She almost had me convinced but I had to run.  In the end, I got a great photo and a number. Turns out to be the number to the kilt store. Who knows. Maybe she will get me out of my pants yet.

It's been my experience that a Ren Fest is equal parts craft fair, unusual food and spirits, and live performances. There are no clear dividing lines between them. I even bought a few gold coins at a very reasonable price from a pirate. Partly because I thought they would look good in my collection but mostly because the guy played his part so well I wanted to buy from him.

Just past the most adorable sign post I've ever seen, the Pub Stage and the  Wonderfool Death Defying Comedy Show.
Finally I've arrived.

If you have never had the pleasure, you are really missing out. Besides blowing gigantic fire balls and setting himself on fire, Wonderfool has a constant stream of comedy, stunts, and off the wall humor. I've seen the show a dozen times live and on TV. His latest claim to fame, his was the only act that made Ellen DeGeneres back away..... in fear I would imagine. It's one thing to set an outdoor stage on fire. Quite another to burn down a sound stage.

It's impossible to post the comedy here but like all Ren Fest performers, it's open to interpretation. The young ones won't get most of it. The teens will giggle with embarrassment, and the adults will fall off their picnic bench with laughter. Sometimes twice as the clever ones explain it to... well the rest of you.

Even though the showers kept coming and going, I still managed to indulge my passion and get a few photos. You can find them on my Flickr site. I managed to get a shot of Wonderfool cracking a flaming whip and with his pants on fire. Both new additions to the show. If you missed it, the Florida Ren Fest is just around the corner. Get off the couch and come on down.


  1. Hmmmm, I wonder why you really like the ren festival. I see that the days are filled with lots of fun and push up bras! haha, oh yeah, I went there. Actually love the ren festival. So fun, and corny, but all around a good time. Especially if turkey legs are involved!

  2. @Tex - This from the gal who is sporting the October Fest costume. The live comedy is what keeps me coming back but I will admit Wenches Weekend is my favorite theme weekend. I can so see you in fairy wings ;-)

  3. And I can SO see YOU in a kilt!! If you hadn't sent that pic, I'd have had NO idea what you looked like, so wouldn't now have an extremely disturbing mental image ...

    But the ren fest (whatever that means) sounds GREAT!! What a shame it's being added to the long list of stuff I can't do downunder!!

  4. That would be the Renaissance Festival - I think it would be a great new addition to the OZ cultural scene.

  5. Well, why not come on down and introduce it!!!