Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wildlife of Davie

A lot of my fellow bloggers post amazing wildlife photos from their part of the world. I brought my camera along on my weekend bike ride and took a few shots. Here are a some of the creatures I found along the way. This collection is so common, I can barely leave the house without seeing them. Very common for South Florida but I remember how amazed I was when I first moved to here to see a water bird who only poked it's long neck and head out of the water or a spider the size of my hand. Ibis usually travel in flocks of 10 to 20 and invade freshly cut lawns looking for easy meals and let's not forget the ugly duckling that grows up to be an even more ugly duck. 

American Anhinga (Snake Bird)

Bananna Spider


Muscovy Duck


  1. Oh, parallel universe time! Here in OZ we have a snake bird (Australasian Darter), various spiders, 3 kinds of Ibis (but none with a pink beak/legs) and muscovy ducks as introduced ferals. And yep, they're just as ugly downunder!!

  2. We have something here called Australian Pines which are non-native now considered a major nuisance. They were brought here many years ago to help drain the swamps. They have a very shallow but very dense root system. During hurricanes they tend to tip over very easily lifting huge bits of landscape and the occasional car or house foundation. Do you have anything like that?

  3. Ah ... not sure. It's not ringing any bells. If you're comfortable doing it, email me a pic?? red[dot]nomad[dot]oz[dot][at]google[dot]com