Monday, August 22, 2011


I'm sure that is what my sister said when she hauled in this Wahoo off the coast of Stuart, FL. She started off her 15 minutes of fame with this note in the TCPalm Fishing Report

Jennifer Schmidt of Stuart wowed the crowd at Jupiter Point Marina Sunday when she hauled in a wahoo longer than she was tall and estimated to weigh between 70 and 80 pounds. She caught it live baiting a sardine with husband Ron Schmidt in about 80 feet of water north of Jupiter Inlet. The battle lasted 45 minutes on a spinning rod. Just before the wahoo catch, Schmidt was reeling in a small 10-pound kingfish when a blue marlin chased it down and ate it.
She was also featured in the Fishing Blogger, The Stuart Newswire, The top 211 fish of 2011 gallery, Local news and the Fishing Channel. And now she can be found right here on the South Florida Guy. 


  1. WOW! And I'm betting her appearance HERE would be the most important to her ... It SHOULD be - this way she gets an international audience. Not only that, it's a JEALOUS international audience ...

  2. So is it good to eat or just a trophy?

  3. @Red - I will call her tonight and let her know she has gone global. That will certainly pump up the ego

    @Betty - I was told it was very good eating. I missed out somehow so I can't give a first person account.

  4. whoa, now that's a fish! what would you do with such a thing??

  5. @ Eva - They cooked some, froze some, smoked some, and shared with every one but me. I was a week late to the party.