Saturday, July 16, 2011

Greetings International Viewers of the South Florida Guy

I put a flag counter on my blog some time ago (Over there ==> Top, Right). I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone other than my friends and family ever viewed my blog. There is a lot of inexpensive fun to be had in South Florida and I like to get out and do as much as possible. I created this blog primarily as a way for my friends and family to keep up with me. I love to try new things or go places I've never been. Sometimes it doesn't work out but for the most part I always have a great time. I find most people like to do new things after they hear about it first from someone who has blazed the trail.

In the last few months my blog has started getting an international viewing. In response I've started following some interesting blogs in the area and around the world. My overall favorite is Red Nomad OZ. A very well written and popular blog from Australia.  We are not likely to set foot in each others world any time soon but I feel if I ever get the chance, I have an insiders viewpoint to plan my trip.

Now I'm curious as to which country will be the first to view my blog 100 times. That means 100 people from 100 different computers will have to take a peek. So far France is well out in front with 42 viewers. I have no idea why. Come on all you other countries out there. Send my blog to all your friends and take the lead. If you know of any blogs from around the world you find interesting, by all means post them to my comments. I would love to check them out.


  1. STOP!! I'm blushing ... you're too kind!! I fear OZ won't be winning your competition though ...

    Are you on Twitter??

  2. Oh you think??? Three more hits from "OZ" since this morning. Even if it's your fans giving my blog a try I'll take it!!! I'm more of a Facebook kinda guy.