Thursday, November 18, 2010

Toys in the Sun Run - Fort Lauderdale

Is that thunder in the distance? No, I think it's 23rd annual Toys in the Sun Run. That's how Santa gets it done in South Florida. Each year, bikers from all over ride down I-95 to I-595 so they can deliver toys on the back of motorcycles. Last year some 30,000 bikes with toys spent the day roaring up and down the road. This year the fun starts at Isle Casino Pompano Park and ends at Markham Park. Be sure to mark down Dec 5th as a day to stay off the roads, unless of course you ride. There are several places along the route you can watch and feel the show. That many bikes can kick up quite a racket and shake the earth. However you choose to enjoy this event, most importantly be safe out there.

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