Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cypress Gardens

Cypress Gardens opened in 1936 and like anything else is starting to show it's age. I was last there in the early 80's. I actually performed on the lake with an amature ski show team. It was a fascinating experience I will never forget. On a recent road trip with my daughter, I decided to pay a long overdue visit.

Cypress Gardens is, to be kind, past it's prime. There was a recent attempt to revive the park with a ride park which appears to be closed at this point. The water slide area was fairly well visited the day we went but the main gardens area was a ghost town. The ski show was as good as I remembered. The gardens are still the main attraction and were even more beautiful than I remembered. If you are passing by, and have some time to see an old, original, Florida theme park, by all means, stop by. Be sure and charge the camera. Something I forgot to do.

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