Thursday, March 29, 2012

Celtic Mayhem plays The Field - Dania

What does it take to get me out to a bar on a Wednesday night during a work week? The planets need to align just right and a very special event needs to be taking place. Such a happening occurred this very week. The Field Irish Pub was open for business and the band Celtic Mayhem played to a house full of loyal fans, pub regulars, and patrons just lucky enough to show up on this special night.

Ok, The Field is always open and is my favorite Irish Pub not actually in Ireland. If you travel Griffen Road in Dania, you may have driven past it without a second glance. I've been going for years and have never once been able to park in their parking lot if that tells you how popular it is. There is a parking lot just a block west and they are nice enough to run a little shuttle service. No matter how many times I visit, I am always impressed that the place is bigger on the inside than the outside. Whether you sit inside right on the stage or outside under the banyan tree, the music is pumped directly to your table. If the great food, terrific service, and the best beer around isn't enough to get you to visit, the music certainly will.

Celtic Mayhem
The house bands Celtic Bridge (my favorite), 2 of Us (Beatles tribute), and George Orr as Rod Stuart play five nights a week. This particular middle of the week night featured a very rare appearance by my new favorite Irish band Celtic Mayhem. Three long sets, with two short breaks filled the night with rocking Celtic music and some oldies that were new when I first heard them making them classics. I'm sure they were new to some of the folks sitting near me. That would be the ones who weren't singing along till the second chorus.

It's difficult to find someone to head out with on a school night so I did this little adventure alone. I certainly didn't stay alone for long. I struck up a conversation with a guy at the bar next to me as soon as I sat down and by the last set I had 10 new friends. Thanks Chris, Robin, Ginger, Tricia, Dave and everyone who's name I didn't quite get for a great time.

Celtic Mayhem - Artsy Cell Phone Shot
It is not too late to enjoy the Celtic Mayhem experience. They are playing the Miami Ren Fest the next two weekends then all over Florida after that. Click on the links above for more info on the faire, the band, and The Field.


  1. Sounds like you've got the lowdown (again!) on what a lot of other folks in your part of the world missed out on!!

  2. @Red - I caught them again in Miami - twice. That makes my 16th performance. I am now officially a band groupie.

  3. @Red - They are that good - Yes. This last visit was with two hard ciders in me. Even better.