Sunday, February 26, 2012

75th Annual Orange Blossom Parade - Davie

75th Annual Orange Blossom Parade
Sometimes I like to "Live Like a Tourist" in my own back yard and what better event to do that then the 75th Annual Orange Blossom Parade in Davie. I could easily ride my bicycle to this one. 

The Orange Blossom Festival is a decidedly local Town of Davie event and attendance this year was phenomenal. If you are a Davie resident and were not at the festival this weekend...why not? Everyone else you know was there it seemed. 

In typical Davie parade style, this one was long. About two hours and two miles long. Not so typical, there were no large gaps in the parade. When you mix monster mud trucks and racing motorcycles with itty bitty tiny baton twirlers, you sometimes have a parade flow problem. Not this year. The organizers should get a huge round of applause for keeping this gigantic parade on track. 

After the parade there were plenty of booths to rummage through, two stages with continuous entertainment, bounce houses and rock walls for the kids, and a football field sized food court. I spent the better part of the day there but I could not stay for the rodeo. Reports on my Facebook indicate that was mistake. I have not been to the Davie Rodeo in several years so I think it's time to correct that oversight. Even though Davie has grown up from it's humble farming beginnings, they still take their rodeo seriously. 

The best way for me to describe this event is with photos. I have 80 posted on my Flickr page. If you were in the parade, there is a good chance I caught one of you. Click on the word Flickr above to head over and see. Also be sure to check out the Old Davie School and Museum just across the street to see a little Davie history from the time when this festival was just starting out. 



  1. How fun is this?? Looks great, I would love to visit that. Great shots too. Hope you have been doing well!

  2. There's at LEAST one RED shot on this post alone that would work well for your guest spot on my blog! Don't think about it, DO IT!!!