Thursday, September 8, 2011

South Florida Sunrise

Anyone can take beach sunrise shots in South Florida. I couldn't make it to the beach this weekend so I made do on my morning walk. So many people never notice the sky. I'm never so busy in my life to ignore a beautiful sunrise. These photos were taken with a cheap digital camera and a cell phone over the long weekend. Even so they are pretty amazing. The time from dark to light was about 5 minutes. These photos were captured in those fleeting moments.


  1. That's the joy of the tropics isn't it? Such beauty, but it's all over in a few minutes ... HHHMMMmmm... could be describing all sorts of things!!

    Why don't you link your post up with SkyWatch?? There's still time ...

  2. @ Betty - Thanks!
    @ Red - I will check it out- Thanks and LOL

  3. Really cool photos, I love photos of the sky!

  4. @Emma - Thanks. I have a really expensive camera that just does not capture the early morning light as well as my cell phone.