Monday, April 4, 2011

Kayaking West Lake Park, Hollywood

  I have kayaked with my daughter many times over the years at West Lake Park but now that she is in college, I decided to take a serious kayak adventure. A half day Kayak rental is $30.00. Way outside my normal local fun budget (which is generally free). I thought I had a pretty good idea of the area from my previous adventures but sometimes you just need to take the leap. Well, simply put, it was amazing. There are so many trails I never had seen before on the short trips. Some with pretty tricky paddling required. There was some wildlife but mostly it was the peace and quiet I came for. Hard to believe civilization is a few mangrove trees away. I cruised around for a solid four hours. I could do it again and not touch too many of the trails I saw this last visit. Word of warning - watch the tides. Some of the trails are tidal flats. What may look deep in one spot could be soft muck a few paddle strokes in the wrong direction. Even at low tide, there were no real problems. Just a quick back paddle and slight turn gets you right back on track. I will soon be going again and again but with my own, brand new kayak I've already started shopping for.


  1. Have you kayaked Oleta yet, or just biked?

  2. Oleta is on my next stop for kayaking. I'll let you know when. I also need to take another crack at the mountain bike trail there as my bike was destroyed the first time.

  3. Yes let me know; especially if you want a kayak buddy. ;)